Strategic Planning

Many companies can make energy saving recommendations but few have a 25-year track record of successfully developing and shepherding implementation.  EIS identifies potential government and utility incentives, reviews financing opportunities, and tailors strategies for board consideration and action.

We work closely with our customers to develop custom improvement packages that maximize operating cost reductions and program incentives to offset capital costs.  EIS also offers guidence in navigating through tricky standards that landmarked buildings or buildings in historic districts must satisfy.

EIS works with the top specialists and manufacturers in their various fields – from heating and cooling to electrical systems.  They become part of our team for your project.  Together, we target high performance equipment and energy system conversions with proven successful applications and obtain assurances of operational support.

We work closely with the board of directors to select the best contractors, establish mutually agreeable work and payment schedules, and recommend corrective actions where needed at each stage of construction.  Our overriding objective is to relieve the board of directors and its managing agent of the burdens and headaches associates with major construction work.

For improvement installations we provide contracting and commissioning procedures to assure that equipment is provided and installed as specified.  We monitor performance of all improvements for at least a year after installation and assist with obtaining additional incentives for higher performance. As energy management consultants we are committed to promoting high-performance and sustainable design within the built environment and optimizing energy efficiency across existing buildings.