Financing & Incentives

EIS pursues public incentives and private financing opportunities to support comprehensive energy improvement packages for its clients. Skilled in negotiating the intricacies of public programs, EIS assists building owners and managers to gain maximum rebates and financial incentives from city, state and federal sources, most notably the New York State Energy Research Development Authority, as well as Con Edison and National Grid.

Public incentive programs can offset the costs of new energy efficient equipment and advanced technologies – and even assist technical studies. EIS stays abreast of these continuously changing programs and brings them to the attention of its clients, often before programs are formally introduced or adopted. EIS analyzes program criteria and requirements to identify the most appropriate incentives for each building, calculates prospective incentives, takes advantage of the most advanced energy-saving technologies, and expedites compliance to ensure maximum and timely incentives.

EIS pursues incentives in tandem with a well-developed financing strategy to ensure that your building achieves maximum savings at the most affordable price. Constructed on solid underwriting principles, each individually crafted financing package identifies capital costs after incentives, and incorporates benefits that accrue to a building, including avoided maintenance and repair costs, interest tax deductions and depreciation.

Current incentive programs and today’s low interest rates make this a good time to consider undertaking comprehensive energy improvements to ensure the physical integrity of your building.