Energy Investment Systems (EIS) provides clients with information and solutions to navigate and succeed in today’s challenging world of energy uncertainty.  For the past 25 years, building owners, property managers and developers have turned to EIS to increase energy efficiency and reduce their energy costs.

Sustainability Audits.  The exclusive EIS color-coded rating system illustrates recommendations & strategies.

Sustainability audits are a cost-effective tool to assess a building’s energy-saving options.  Committed to high performance and sustainable design, EIS performs comprehensive residential audits that analyze the way that client buildings use energy and at what cost.  Its user-friendly audits communicate well with owners, residents, insurers and financial institutions.  These roadmaps to a sustainable future meet City-mandated energy audit requirements.

Heating System Conversions.  New regulations and incentives make this an ideal time to change fuels.

Switching from oil to natural gas significantly reduces your building’s energy bills while lowering your carbon footprint.  Gas prices are less than 2/3s that of the cheapest and highest polluting #6 oil, the fuel of choice for the city’s large apartment buildings.  The City has banned the use of #6 oil beyond 2015, and NYSERDA and Con Ed offer conversion incentives.  Experienced in facilitating oil-to-gas conversions, EIS provides feasibility studies, analyzes costs and savings, coordinates projects and facilitates incentives for your building’s conversion.

Submetering & Billing.  EIS believes that almost all NYC buildings are good candidates for submetering.

City residents billed directly by Con Edison pay the highest electricity rates in the nation.  Submetered buildings can reduce resident rates by 25 percent and offer them opportunities to benefit from the latest technologies and savings concepts. Featured in the City’s PlanNYC for a Greater, Greener NY, EIS is at the forefront of advances in “smart” submetering that help buildings take advantage of time-sensitive pricing opportunities, peak load reduction strategies and commodity pricing options available in the deregulated market.

Curtailment.  EIS has administered curtailment programs for its client portfolio for more than a decade.

EIS knows that participation in a curtailment program can be an important revenue producing strategy for co-ops and condos.  EIS is an approved Curtailment Service Provider of the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO), which pays clients on a monthly basis in return for an obligation to use less electricity when a power emergency is pending.  EIS works with its curtailment clients to maximize revenues.

Financing & Incentives.  EIS keeps clients abreast of government & utility incentive programs to benefit their buildings.

Skilled in negotiating the intricacies of public programs, EIS assists building owners and managers to gain maximum rebates and financial incentives from the state, city and federal government, through NYSERDA, NYISO, HUD, SONYMA, NYC Article 8A Loans and the NYC Participation Loan Program, as well as Con Edison and National Grid.  NYSERDA has honored EIS with one of only ten statewide Pioneer Awards for “Excellence in Energy Innovation in the Public Interest for the State of New York,” for its work in the residential sector.

Benchmarking.  NYC buildings must submit their first annual benchmarking reports by August 1, 2011.

Local Law 84 requires all City buildings to submit annual energy benchmark reports.  EIS’s customized reports satisfy requirements and make understanding your building’s energy use easy and intuitive.

Strategic Planning.  EIS works with cooperative boards and building management to review assessment recommendations and select those appropriate for implementation.

Many companies make energy saving recommendations but few have a 25-year track record of successfully developing and shepherding implementation.  EIS identifies potential government and utility incentives, reviews financing opportunities, and tailors strategies for board consideration and action.