Real Time Carbon Emission Analysis

EIS has partnered with the MYA Group to develop a real time carbon emission analysis framework for multifamily buildings using Genscape data. Using real time emission data provides a more accurate building emission profile because it accounts for power plants that are brought on and off line in response to changes in consumer demand. Since these power plants vary in their generation type, consuming electricity provided by one power plant can result in much higher emissions than another plant. It is common for higher polluting power plants to be brought online in cases of peak electricity demand on the grid which is often during rush hour times. By analyzing real time building consumption data and comparing that with real time emission data, a correlation has been made between peak building usage and high emissions.

EIS continues to develop the real time multifamily building carbon emission framework with the MYA group and is integrating Day Ahead Market Prices to determine correlation.

Read the Genscape/EIS Press Release.