Energy Investment Systems (EIS) has provided energy services to area apartment buildings since 1983.  Its multifaceted approach to energy savings incorporates cutting-edge technologies, maximizes institutional incentives, and creates practical financial packages for improvement programs.  In recent years, the consulting firm has assisted cooperatives to benefit from electricity deregulation through electrical submetering, beginning with campaigns to gain shareholder approval through the introduction of advanced technologies to facilitate time-sensitive electricity pricing.

EIS assisted owners to rehabilitate more than 150 multifamily buildings over its first decade.  In 1995, EIS assisted Allen L. Thurgood to establish 1st Rochdale, the country’s first urban electricity cooperative.  (EIS had no further involvement with the energy provider.  We work exclusively to find the best energy prices for our clients.)  Since 2000, the firm has conducted a number of landmark studies on electricity demand response for the U.S. Department of Energy and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), receiving close to $2 million in R&D funds from the state agency.  As part of its efforts to promote demand response, EIS has become a curtailment services provider to the New York Independent System Operator.

Working on the front line of sustainability issues, EIS is featured in the New York City sustainability plan, PlaNYC for a Greener, Greater New York.  The report details the firm’s real-time electricity pricing program in a Manhattan cooperative, which is the first multifamily RTP project in the nation.  EIS president Lewis M. Kwit recently moderated the first sustainability workshop at the annual Council of New York Cooperatives Conference.  The company has designed a Sustainability Apartment Rating System that is scheduled for implementation in a city cooperative later this year.

In 2000 EIS received one of ten statewide NYSERDA awards for “Excellence in Energy Innovation in the Public Interest for the State of New York.”  EIS was the only company to receive the award for work in the residential sector and the only one located in New York City.  In 2004, Lewis Kwit was named the Energy Services Professional of the Year by the Association of Energy Engineers (New York Chapter).