About Us

When building owners contemplate a major improvement program, it is the time to consider all of the energy performance opportunities available.  EIS works with each client building to consider the highest performing and most appropriate energy equipment available, to review the configuration of the building’s supply and generation of energy, and to integrate energy systems with user information technology.

EIS  works closely with its clients to develop custom improvement packages that maximize operating cost reductions and program incentives to offset capital costs.  We produce long-term improvement packages with lifetime savings that can be several times the cost of the improvements. We assist clients to structure low-cost financing that keeps the project in the black from day one.

EIS works with top specialists and manufacturers in their various fields, from heating and cooling to electrical systems.  They become part of the EIS team for your project.  Together, we target high performance equipment and energy system conversions with proven successful applications and obtain assurances of operational support.  We involve our customers in on- and off-site surveys and report and discuss findings and recommendations throughout the planning process.

For improvement installations we provide contracting and commissioning procedures to assure that equipment is provided and installed as specified.  We monitor performance of all improvements for at least a year after installation and assist with obtaining additional incentives for higher performance. As energy management consultants, we are committed to promote high-performance and sustainable design within the built environment and optimize energy efficiency within existing buildings.