EIS Sustainability Audit Uncovers $750,000 Billing Irregularity

An EIS Sustainability Audit performed for the Leonori Condominium on Manhattan’s Upper East Side revealed uncommonly high electricity charges for the building’s public spaces. Investigating further, EIS found the culprit to be a subsidiary of cell phone giant AT&T. The company had rented cell tower space on the building roof since 1992 but never got around to installing its own electricity supply line. Instead the company was consuming about 70 percent of the building’s electricity each month at a cost to the residents, EIS estimates, of $40,000 per year, or a whopping $750,000 over the past 20 years. The oversight went unnoticed until current building agent Rudd Realty Management brought EIS in to examine energy use in the 113-year-old building. The 13-story Leonori, home to Hollywood stars and Wall Street titans, is suing AT&T to recover unpaid charges in full. The New York Daily News and Habitat Magazine are following the story.

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