Con Ed Increases C&I Natural Gas Rebates

Con Edison recently increased available rebates for HVAC installations through its Commercial & Industrial Program. The program’s goal is to encourage the installation of energy efficiency measures in existing facilities – both in kiloWatts (electricity) and therms (natural gas). Targeted at Con Edison commercial and industrial customers, the program is available to multifamily buildings that have 75 or more units. To be eligible, customers must pay into the System Benefits Charge (SBC), and must be on “firm” gas.

Rebates are available for a number of measures, including hot water boilers, domestic hot water, steam boilers, controls, and even heating system maintenance and tune-ups. Rebates vary based on the measure, and have increased substantially for high efficiency natural gas boilers. High efficiency natural gas boilers had previous rebates of $700 to $3,500. As of June 1, these rebates were increased to $1,000 to $15,000. Given the New York City requirements to switch off of #6 and #4 oil, now is a good time to take advantages of available programs with EIS. An approved Market Partner with Con Edison, EIS is well-equipped to help New York City multifamily buildings maximize incentives while lowering energy use and maintenance costs. For more information on how your building can benefit from this program, or other available incentive programs, call or email EIS today.

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